The Monkey King Conquers the Demon
The Monkey King Conquers the Demon


Sun Wukong, the Great Sage of Heaven, Zhu Bajie, the Marshal of the Canopy, and Monk Sha, the Great General of the Curtains, protected the Tang Monk to the West for Buddhist scriptures. They went through countless hardships along the way and subdued countless demons and ghosts. On that day, the four disciples came to a wild mountain. At this time, a young village girl came to ask for help. Sun Wukong, with his golden eyes, recognized that it was the monster Baigujing, and came forward to beat it away. However, Tang Sanzang, with his naked eyes, blamed Wukong for harming the living creatures. In addition, Zhu Bajie fanned the wind and ignited the fire. The incantation made Wukong feel unbearable pain. After that, the white bone essence turned into a child and an old man to lure them, and they were both beaten away by Wukong. Monk Tang was so angry that he drove away Wukong in a fit of anger that he was caught in the devils' tricks
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